North Pacific Fishery Management Council

North Pacific Fishery Management Council

NPFMC October 2009 - 194th

NPFMC Meetings
Closed for comment at 10/01/2009 05:00 PM AKDT
Meeting Time: 10/01/2009 08:00 AM AKDT

AGENDA - 194th Plenary Session

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council will meet October 3-9, 2009, at the Hilton Hotel, Anchorage, AK. Meetings to be held during the week are:

Scientific and Statistical Committee: October 1-3 - King Salmon
Advisory Panel: October 1-5 - Dillingham/Katmai
Enforcement Committee: October 2 - Illiamna
IFQ Implementation Team: Sept 30 - Chart Room
Council: October 3-9 - Aleutian

All meetings are open to the public, except executive sessions of the Council. Other committee and workgroup meetings may be scheduled on short notice during the week and will be posted.

A1 Agenda and Meeting Information
Attachments: A_Agenda_Minutes -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:46 PM AKDT
A2 In Meeting Minutes
Attachments: Final_Advisory_Panel_Minutes -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:47 PM AKDT
Final Council Minutes_Oct_3-9_2009_Hilton_Anchorage_AK -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:47 PM AKDT
SSC_Report_Oct_1-3_2009 -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:47 PM AKDT
Meeting_Attendee_Sign-In_Sheets_Oct_2009 -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:47 PM AKDT
B1 B Reports
Attachments: B1_Exec_Director's_Report -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:48 PM AKDT
B2_NMFS_Mgmt_Report -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:48 PM AKDT
B3_ADF&G_Report -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:48 PM AKDT
B4_USCG_Report -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:48 PM AKDT
B5_USFWS_Report -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:48 PM AKDT
B6_Protected_Resources_Report -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:48 PM AKDT
C1 C1 GOA Pacific Cod Allocation
Attachments: C1_GOA_Pacific_Cod_Allocation -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:49 PM AKDT
C2 C2 GOA Rockfish Program
Attachments: C2_GOA_Rockfish_Program -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:49 PM AKDT
C3 C3 Observer Program
Attachments: C3_Observer_Program -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:49 PM AKDT
C4 C4 Bering Sea Crab Issues
Attachments: C4(a)_BSA_Crab_Issues_Regional_Delivery_Relief -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:50 PM AKDT
C4(b)_Initial_Review_Crab_ROFR_Provisions -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:50 PM AKDT
C4(c)_Review_Proposals_Address_Western_AI_Golden_King_Crab_Fishery -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:50 PM AKDT
C4(d)_Review_Proposals_AI_Golden_King_Crab_Fishery -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:50 PM AKDT
C4(e,f)_Approve_BSAI_Crab_SAFE_OFLs_Discussion_Paper_PSC_Limits -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 12:50 PM AKDT
C5 C5 Groundfish Final Actions
Attachments: C5(a)_GF_Final_Actions_Trawl_Sweep_Requirements_For_Flatfish_Trawl_Fishery -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 01:06 PM AKDT
C5(b)_Mgmt_BSAI_Skates_Complex -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 01:06 PM AKDT
C5(c)_2010_2011_BSAI_GOA_Groundfish_Specifications -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 01:06 PM AKDT
C6 C6 Permit Fees
Attachments: C6_Permit_Fees -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 01:06 PM AKDT
D1 D1 Salmon Bycatch
Attachments: D1_Salmon_Bycatch -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 01:06 PM AKDT
D2 D2 Management Issues
Attachments: D2(a)_Review_Progress_ACL_Requirements -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 01:07 PM AKDT
D2(b)_Review_Paper_On_GOA_Tanner_Chinook_Bycatch -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 01:07 PM AKDT
D2(d)_Research_Priorities -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 01:07 PM AKDT
D2(e)_HAPC_Evaluation_Criteria -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 01:07 PM AKDT
D3 D3 Halibut Issues
Attachments: D3_Charter_Halibut -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 01:08 PM AKDT
D4 D4 Staff Tasking
Attachments: D4_Staff_Tasking -Uploaded: 03/17/2021 01:08 PM AKDT
D5 D5 Other Business