North Pacific Fishery Management Council

North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Fishery Monitoring Advisory Committee SUBGROUP 3/27/2019

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Meeting Time: 03/27/2019 10:00 AM AKDT

Fishery Monitoring Advisory Committee SUBGROUP
March 27, 2019: 12:00pm – 4:00pm (or as necessary)
Teleconference number: TBD

Expected Outcomes from this meeting:
- Recommendations for the FMAC regarding cost savings and increased coverage
- Recommendations for the Council regarding other items as necessary

TASK from the Council: Develop recommendations for how to potentially lower costs and increase observer coverage rates in the partial coverage observer category for groundfish and halibut fisheries, while maintaining: the data sufficient for managing the fisheries; randomized deployment; and, cost equity considerations among participants. This may include providing input on differential deployment base levels by gear type.

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2. Cost Savings
a. Updates since the last meeting of the Subgroup (E. Figus)
b. Finalize recommendations for the FMAC (Group)
3. Other Items (time permitting)
a. Fee Analysis
b. Other items at the discretion of the Chair
4. Scheduling
a. Scheduling (Chair + Group)