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Closed for written comment at 08/27/2020 05:00 PM AKDT
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Meeting Time: 08/28/2020 08:00 AM AKDT

SSC Subgroup on 2021 Survey Planning

The SSC Subgroup will receive presentations from AFSC staff on planning for the 2021 Alaska surveys, and will discuss recommendations.

August 28, 2020
9am-3pm Alaska Time / 10am-4pm Pacific Time

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Attachments: Instructions for oral public comment during the meeting -Uploaded: 08/24/2020 05:15 PM AKDT
Attachments: Agenda - SSC subgroup 8-28-20 -Uploaded: 08/19/2020 06:40 PM AKDT
Reference materials
Attachments: Oct 2018 SSC survey subgroup report -Uploaded: 08/21/2020 01:47 PM AKDT
Oct 2018 Council letter on surveys -Uploaded: 08/21/2020 01:48 PM AKDT
BSAI 2020-2021 Gfish specifications -Uploaded: 08/21/2020 01:48 PM AKDT
GOA 2020-2021 Gfish specifications -Uploaded: 08/21/2020 01:48 PM AKDT
AFSC overview of bottom trawl surveys, questions regarding priorities
Attachments: AFSC-SSC 2020 survey discussion questions -Uploaded: 08/19/2020 06:42 PM AKDT
PRESENTATION Foy-NPFMC_AFSC_Surveysc -Uploaded: 08/28/2020 08:19 AM AKDT
AFSC report on ICES Workshop (WKUSER) and relevance to Alaska Surveys
Attachments: Workshop on unavoidable survey effort reduction (WKUSER) 2020 Executive Summary -Uploaded: 08/25/2020 05:59 PM AKDT
WKUSER 2020 full report -Uploaded: 08/25/2020 05:59 PM AKDT
PRESENTATION Kotwicki_WKUSER -Uploaded: 08/28/2020 07:44 AM AKDT
SSC-AFSC Discussion
Public Testimony
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