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North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Ecosystem Committee - 11/12/20

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Closed for written comment at 11/11/2020 05:00 PM AKST

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Meeting Time: 11/12/2020 09:00 AM AKST

Ecosystem Committee November 12, 2020

Online meeting, details to follow
11/12/2020 9am - 4pm AKT

Link to the meeting: or you can dial 1-800-832-0736 room number 1233114# to participate with a telephone connection only. 


- ECO Chair Bill Tweit will outline the objectives for the meeting and projected schedule for future meetings.
BSAI FEP Local Knowledge, Traditional Knowledge, and Subsistence task force update
Dr. Kate Haapala will provide an update on the BSAI FEP LKTKS Task force
Attachments: Presentation - LKTKS Taskforce Update -Uploaded: 11/12/2020 08:01 AM AKST
Taskforce Meeting Report November 2020 -Uploaded: 12/03/2020 03:40 PM AKST
Upcoming Ecosystem Committee agendas and Council initiatives
The ECO will discuss potential agenda items and council initiatives
Attachments: Staff Paper NPFMC Ecosystem Workshop Ideas -Uploaded: 11/10/2020 02:26 PM AKST
IPOP Norton Sound mining project EFH consultation update
Seanbob Kelly will provide an update on EHF consultation for a mining operation in Norton Sound
Attachments: B2 NMFS EFH Consultation Report October 2020 -Uploaded: 11/02/2020 08:03 AM AKST
B2 report IPOP June 2020 -Uploaded: 10/28/2020 02:43 PM AKDT
NMFS IPOP Early Coordination Letter 14SEP2020 (2) -Uploaded: 10/29/2020 11:09 AM AKDT
COE_Bonanza Channel 2nd_NMFS letter (1) -Uploaded: 11/09/2020 01:13 PM AKST
USAC_EFH_Bonanza_Channel_Safety_Sound_POA_2018-00123 -Uploaded: 11/09/2020 01:49 PM AKST
IPOP Presentation-Ecosystem Committee Final -Uploaded: 11/13/2020 05:51 PM AKST
Minutes from 12 November 2020 meeting
Minutes from 12 November 2020 meeting
Attachments: Ecosystem Committee Minutes 11.12.20 -Uploaded: 11/18/2020 04:47 PM AKST