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North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Trawl Electronic Monitoring (EM) Committee - 05/21/21

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Closed for written comment at 05/20/2021 05:00 PM AKDT

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Meeting Time: 05/21/2021 08:30 AM AKDT

Trawl Electronic Monitoring Committee

May 21, 2021, 8:30am - 4:30pm Alaska Time (9:30am - 5:30pm Pacific Time)

To connect by phone only dial: 1-214-416-0400 code: 739234#; Toll-Free: 1-888-947-3989 code:739234#

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All information provided through the eAgenda is part of the public record. 

Expected outcomes from this meeting:

Agree on a draft set of alternatives for the regulated Trawl EM program for Council approval at the June meeting

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1. Introductions, review and approve agenda
Attachments: Trawl EM May 2021 agenda -Uploaded: 05/04/2021 12:23 PM AKDT
2. PCFMAC report on other EM NFWF proposals
(NMFS update)
Attachments: PCFMAC Report April 2021 -Uploaded: 05/05/2021 01:15 PM AKDT
3. FMAC report on Alaska Region Electronic Technologies Implementation Plan
new recommendations after February draft (NMFS)
Attachments: AK 2020-2025 Regional ET Implementation Plan_508 compliant -Uploaded: 05/04/2021 12:50 PM AKDT
4. EM cost metrics
subgroup report on cost roll-up table (Archipelago, NMFS)
Attachments: Cost reporting Memo_113020 -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 12:03 PM AKDT
Archipelago - Cost Reporting Overview_May2021 -Uploaded: 05/20/2021 12:26 PM AKDT
5. 2021 Trawl EM program update– WGOA, CGOA, Bering Sea
a. EFP report (Ruth C, Julie B, Charlotte L)
Attachments: FINAL_EM EFP Interim Report_EM Trawl Committee_May 2021 -Uploaded: 05/18/2021 02:08 PM AKDT
Attachment A Trawl EM EFP modified 2019-03_FINAL for 2021 -Uploaded: 05/18/2021 02:08 PM AKDT
Attachment B PacStates Data Drive Report Form -Uploaded: 05/18/2021 02:08 PM AKDT
Attachment C Saltwater Reviewer Feedback Form and Data Drive Report -Uploaded: 05/18/2021 02:08 PM AKDT
Attachment D PSMFC_EM_Protocols -Uploaded: 05/18/2021 02:08 PM AKDT
Attachment E Saltwater Review Protocols -Uploaded: 05/18/2021 02:08 PM AKDT
Attachment F FINAL vessel performance standard -Uploaded: 05/18/2021 02:08 PM AKDT
Attachment G DRAFT 2021 EM EFP shoreside monitoring sample design -Uploaded: 05/18/2021 02:08 PM AKDT
BSAI_GOA Pollock EM EFP_EM Committee PPT May 2021_FINAL -Uploaded: 05/20/2021 02:38 PM AKDT
b. Implementation – installs, VMPs, vessel feedback (EM service providers)
Attachments: Saltwater-WGOA Report 2020 -Uploaded: 05/19/2021 11:57 AM AKDT
Archipelago_Implementation Overview - May 2021 -Uploaded: 05/20/2021 12:27 PM AKDT
c. Report on data review (PSMFC, Saltwater)
Attachments: EM Reivew in WGOA Pollock Fishery 2020 Year End - TEMC_Working Draft -Uploaded: 05/18/2021 12:57 PM AKDT
PSMFCAlaskaPollockEM_EFP_2020_FinalReport -Uploaded: 05/19/2021 03:03 PM AKDT
Alaska Pollock EM Report PSMFC 2021-05-11 -Uploaded: 05/17/2021 08:20 AM AKDT
d. Data integration (NMFS)
e. 2021 EFP changes and thoughts for 2022 EFP (NMFS)
f. Update on budget and funding including first year in regulation (participants, NMFS)
6. Develop alternatives for regulated Trawl EM program
a. Review draft alternatives (A. Henry, NMFS)
Attachments: Trawl EM draft alternatives 051821 -Uploaded: 05/19/2021 07:59 AM AKDT
b. Review regulatory timeline (A. Henry, NMFS)
7. Scheduling & other issues
Group discussion