North Pacific Fishery Management Council

North Pacific Fishery Management Council

NPFMC April 2005 - 171st

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Closed for comment at 04/05/2005 05:00 PM AKDT

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Meeting Time: 04/06/2005 08:00 AM AKDT

AGENDA - 171st Plenary Session

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council will meet April 6-11, 2005, at the Anchorage Hilton Hotel, 500 W 3rd Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska 99501. Meetings to be held during the week are:

Advisory Panel: Apr 4, Mon 8am - Dillingham/Katmai Room
Scientific and Statistical Committee: Apr 4, Mon 8am - King Salmon Room 
Ecosystem Committee: Apr 4, Mon 1pm-5pm - Aspen Room
Enforcement Committee:  Apr 5, Tue 1pm-5pm - Fireweed Room 
NMFS - Crab Rationalization Workshop: Apr 5, Tue 8am - Dillingham/Katmai Room
US Coast Guard Public Mtg: Apr 5, Wed 8am - Dillingham/Katmai Room

All meetings are open to the public, except executive sessions of the Council. Other committee and workgroup meetings may be scheduled on short notice during the week and will be posted.

Note for historical documents, all motions are considered draft unless otherwise noted. Final motions are available in the minutes.

A1 Approval of Agenda
Attachments: Agenda -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:24 AM AKDT
Newsletter -Uploaded: 05/26/2021 12:30 PM AKDT
Time Log -Uploaded: 08/30/2021 10:22 AM AKDT
Meeting Audio -Uploaded: 06/28/2021 01:26 PM AKDT
A2 Approval of Minutes
Attachments: SSC Minutes -Uploaded: 06/18/2021 08:56 AM AKDT
AP Minutes -Uploaded: 06/18/2021 08:56 AM AKDT
Council Minutes -Uploaded: 06/18/2021 08:56 AM AKDT
B1 B Reports
Attachments: B1 Exec Director Report -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:35 AM AKDT
B3 USCG Report -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:35 AM AKDT
B4 ADF&G Report -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:35 AM AKDT
B5 USFWS Report -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:35 AM AKDT
C1 C1 CDQ Program
Attachments: C1 CDQ Program -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:36 AM AKDT
C1(a) NMFS Report on CDQ Allocation Process -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:36 AM AKDT
C1(b) State of Alaska Consultation on CDQ Allocation Process -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:36 AM AKDT
C1(c) CDQ Team Draft Initial Allocation Recommendations -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:36 AM AKDT
C1(d) CDQ Team Recommendations Letter to Gov Murkowski -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:36 AM AKDT
C1(e) Letter to Larry Cotter APICDA -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:36 AM AKDT
C1(f) Letter to Commissioner Department of Commerce -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:36 AM AKDT
C2 C2 GOA Groundfish Rationalization
Attachments: C2 GOA Groundfish Rationalization -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:37 AM AKDT
C3 C3 GOA Rockfish Demonstration Project
Attachments: C3 Central GOA Rockfish Demonstration Program -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:38 AM AKDT
C4 C4 BSAI Pacific Cod Allocation
Attachments: C4 BSAI Pacific Cod Allocations -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:38 AM AKDT
C5 C5 BSAI Salmon Bycatch
Attachments: C5 BSAI Salmon Bycatch -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:39 AM AKDT
C6 C6 Bairdi Crab Split
Attachments: C6 BS Bairdi Crab Split -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:39 AM AKDT
D1 D1 Groundfish Management
Attachments: D1(a) Non-Target Species Committee Report -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:40 AM AKDT
D1(b) GOA Other Species Calculation -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:40 AM AKDT
D1(d) Exempted Fishing Permit for Testing Salmon Excluder Gear -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:40 AM AKDT
D2 D2 Scallop
Attachments: D2(a) Scallop SAFE -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:41 AM AKDT
D2 Scallop Management -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:41 AM AKDT
D3 D3 Staff Tasking
Attachments: D3 Staff Tasking -Uploaded: 05/06/2021 11:41 AM AKDT
D4 D4 Other Business