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North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Salmon Bycatch Committee - 1/25/2023

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Meeting Time: 01/25/2023 09:00 AM AKST

Salmon Bycatch Committee

Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM AKT

Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 829 9542 9776
Passcode: NPFMC

This meeting will be a webinar.  When you join, you will be in listen-only mode, unless you are a committee member.  If you would like to give public comment, please sign up once the meeting has started.  You will be unmuted when it is your turn to speak. 

If you do not have internet, you can join by phone: Dial: +1 346 248 7799 or +1 408 638 0968 or +1 669 900 6833 or +1 253 215 8782

If you are joining by phone, and want to sign up to testify, please call 907-271-2809. 


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Review the State of Alaska Bycatch Task Force Report and recommendations 
Review the process and timeline for initiating an amendment/analysis

Discuss regulatory and non-regulatory management measures for consideration 
Public testimony

March meeting planning and requests for additional information of staff


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Agenda Items
Attachments: SBC schedule -Uploaded: 01/24/2023 03:34 PM AKST
Alaska Bycatch Taskforce Report
Attachments: Alaska Bycatch Review Task Force Final Report - November 2022 -Uploaded: 01/04/2023 03:34 PM AKST
ABRT salmon recommendations -Uploaded: 01/23/2023 11:21 AM AKST
Process and timeline for initiating analyses/amendments
Attachments: Council timeline for analyses and amendments -Uploaded: 01/04/2023 03:34 PM AKST
Purpose and Need Chum 2012 -Uploaded: 01/20/2023 01:37 PM AKST
timeline for analyses -Uploaded: 01/24/2023 03:45 PM AKST
Discussion of regulatory and non-regulatory measures
Attachments: Chum management measures considered in 2012 -Uploaded: 01/20/2023 12:29 PM AKST
CP IPA Chum measures -Uploaded: 01/20/2023 01:34 PM AKST
Shoreside and Mothership Industry Report 2022 AFA Additional Chum Avoidance -Uploaded: 01/20/2023 01:34 PM AKST
chum alternatives 2012 -Uploaded: 01/25/2023 07:41 AM AKST
CFR679.21 IPA regulations -Uploaded: 01/25/2023 12:31 PM AKST
Other business
Attachments: Council motion December 2022 -Uploaded: 01/04/2023 03:35 PM AKST
Salmon Bycatch Committe report - November 2022 -Uploaded: 01/04/2023 03:37 PM AKST
Salmon Committee TOR_final -Uploaded: 01/23/2023 11:21 AM AKST