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Call for Comments for LKTKS Protocol and Onramp Recommendations 2023

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Closed for written comment at 06/02/2023 05:00 PM AKDT

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Meeting Time: 04/14/2023 08:00 AM AKDT

The Council is seeking public input and comments on the Local Knowledge (LK), Traditional Knowledge (TK), and Subsistence Protocol and onramp recommendations developed by the LKTKS Taskforce. The LKTKS Taskforce is a nominated advisory body to the Council composed of Local Knowledge and Traditional Knowledge holders from the Bering Sea region, social scientists, and agency staff. 

The LKTKS Protocol provides guidance for identifying, analyzing, and incorporating sources of LK, TK, and subsistence information that is specific to the Bering Sea region. The onramp recommendations are for potential changes to the Council's current decision-making process to incorporate LK, TK, and subsistence information. These materials were presented to the Council at its April 2023 meeting, at which the Council chose to release the materials for additional public input. 

The LKTKS Protocol and onramp recommendations documents are available on this eAgenda webpage. The deadline for providing comments on the LKTKS Protocol and onramp recommendations is June 2, 2023 at 5pm AKST. The LKTKS Taskforce will review all comments received at a future meeting in June 2023, and present a summary comment report as well as any revisions to these documents resulting from this public comment period to the Council at a future meeting for the Council to consider final action. 

Note that submissions will be viewable to the public on this webpage. 

Call for Comments
34 Comments Please leave all comments on the Protocol and onramp recommendations here.
Documents for review
LKTKS Protocol
Attachments: LKTKS Protocol -Uploaded: 04/11/2023 10:57 AM AKDT
LKTKS Onramp Recommendations
Attachments: LKTKS Onramp Recommendations -Uploaded: 04/11/2023 10:58 AM AKDT