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Request for Information: Research Priorities Triennial Review

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Meeting Time: 06/13/2023 08:30 AM AKDT

Request for Information: 2024 Research Priorities Triennial Review

The Council is requesting information from the public on the 2024 research priorities triennial review for the fisheries of the Exclusive Economic Zone off Alaska.

The Council develops research priorities for fisheries, habitats, and other areas necessary for management purposes and reviews those priorities every three years. The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA) requires that regional fishery management councils develop “multi-year research priorities for fisheries, fisheries interactions, habitats, and other areas of research that are necessary for management purposes” (16 U.S.C. 1852(h)(7)). This includes research to support fishery management plans and associated regulations for fisheries requiring conservation and management to prevent overfishing, rebuild depleted fish stocks, and ensure sustainable fishing practices. Research priorities should be established and updated as necessary. The Council reviews its research priorities every three years, and the next triennial review of research priorities is tentatively scheduled for April 2024. Written comments can be submitted using the "Comment Now" option on this page or by using the digital form. Please submit comments by 5:00pm on Tuesday, October 31, 2023. All ideas are welcome and may be provided in any format.

Additional information can be found in the Reference Information section below, including the most recent Council research priorities from the April 2021 Research Priorities Triennial Review, Council research priority terms and category definitions, and the Federal Register noticeWe look forward to your participation in this process.

Please note: Responses to this request are voluntary. Respondents need not reply to all questions. All responses are part of the public record and will be posted on a public website. Therefore, confidential business information, copyrighted information, or personally identifiable information (e.g., name, address) should not be submitted in response to this request. NOAA and the Council will not pay for any information or administrative costs that you may incur in responding to this request, or for the use of any information contained in the response. The documents and information submitted in response to this request become the property of the U.S. Government and will not be returned. 

All information provided through the eAgenda is part of the public record. 

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Reference Information
Please use the links below to access the additional reference information.
Attachments: Public Input Informational Flyer Research Priorities Process -Uploaded: 09/22/2023 01:54 PM AKDT
Additional background information 2024 Research Priorities Triennial Review -Uploaded: 07/06/2023 01:05 PM AKDT
LINK June 2023 Proposed Process for Development of NPFMC Research Priorities -Uploaded: 06/13/2023 04:35 PM AKDT
LINK April 2021 Research Priorities Triennial Review -Uploaded: 06/13/2023 04:36 PM AKDT
LINK Research Priority Terms and Category Definitions -Uploaded: 06/26/2023 10:11 AM AKDT
LINK Council webpage on Research Priorities -Uploaded: 06/26/2023 10:12 AM AKDT
LINK Research Priorities Database -Uploaded: 06/26/2023 10:14 AM AKDT