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Call for Nominations for Advisory Panel Membership 2024

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Meeting Time: 06/15/2023 08:00 AM AKDT

The Council is accepting nominations for its Advisory Panel. Nominations, letters of interest, and a resume should be submitted to the Executive Director through this comment portal by October 31 at 5 pm Alaska time. Please note that submissions will be viewable on this webpage.

A description of AP membership criteria and duties is included in the AP Handbook. Members can be appointed for a 1, 2, or 3-year term by the Council, with a maximum of three consecutive three-year terms. The fishery, sector, and interest group representation of current AP members may be found here.

Due to a resignation, the Council is also separately accepting nominations for the Alaska Native Tribal Advisory Panel Seat.  

Members who have served a 1-year orientation year.  The year is eligible to be extended into a full 3-year term:

Jessie Edson - requesting reappointment
Rick Laitinen - requesting reappointment
Landry Price - requesting reappointment
Chelsae Radell - requesting reappointment

Members whose 3-year term is expiring: 
James Johnson - requesting reappointment
Mellisa Johnson - requesting reappointment
Megan O'Neil - not seeking reappointment
Matt Upton - not eligible for reappointment

Please attach your letter of interest and any letters of support by clicking the "comment now" button. 

Call for Nominations
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