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Call for Nominations for two Advisory Panel 2-year Special Appointments

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Meeting Time: 12/15/2023 08:00 AM AKST

The Council is soliciting nominations for two special appointments to the Advisory Panel for a two-year term in recognition of the Pacific cod pot gear LAPP action being contemplated, to represent harvesters and processors for this fishery. While these members are being solicited for specific expertise, they will be expected to participate as any AP member. The nomination deadline for these seats is January 10th by 5pm AKST. The Council will meet virtually in Executive Session shortly thereafter to review the nominations and make the appointments, so that the selected new members are able to sit on the AP for the February 2024 meeting.

A description of AP membership criteria and duties is included in the AP Handbook. For these special appointments, members will be appointed for a 2-year term. The fishery, sector, and interest group representation of current AP members may be found here.

Please attach your letter of interest and any letters of support by clicking the "comment now" button. Please note that submissions will be viewable on this webpage.

Call for Nominations
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