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SSC Meeting - Research Priorities - 05/17/24

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Closed for written comment at 05/15/2024 05:00 PM AKDT

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Meeting Time: 05/17/2024 08:00 AM AKDT

SSC Meeting: Research Priorities - May 17, 2024   9am-12pm Alaska Time

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This meeting is being conducted remotely with a web broadcast that provides the opportunity for remote public comment. In the event an outage occurs or technical issues arise that impact the experience of remote attendees, we will attempt to resolve them but ultimately we cannot guarantee that they will be resolved satisfactorily.


Public comment:

The SSC will meet to recommend research priorities. This agenda item was previously scheduled for the April 2024 SSC agenda as D3 (SSC April 2024 eAgenda), and all previously submitted comments from April will be considered by the SSC in their deliberation. If you wish to submit addittional written comment you may do so by clicking on the 'Comment Now' links next to the relevant agenda item, below. The deadline for written comments to the SSC is 5:00 pm (Alaska time) on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. Please make sure your comments adhere to the Council's comment policy. The SSC will also take oral testimony during the meeting. Once the meeting begins, you will be able to click on the applicable 'Sign-up' link next to each agenda item below. 

The SSC meeting will be broadcast on zoom. If you intend to give oral testimony, you must be connected to the meeting either through zoom on your device or through the call-in phone number. All information provided through the eAgenda or during testimony is part of the public record. The meeting will be recorded. 

Research Priorities
0 Comments Recommend 5-year research priorities for Council consideration in June 2024
Attachments: SSC Action Memo - research priorities -Uploaded: 05/10/2024 04:10 AM AKDT
SSC Subgroup Recommended 2024-2027 Research Priorities -Uploaded: 04/22/2024 01:46 PM AKDT
SSC Subgroup Draft Critical Ongoing Monitoring Priorities 2024-2027 -Uploaded: 04/22/2024 01:42 PM AKDT
Summary of Research Priorities Inputs Feb 2024 -Uploaded: 05/10/2024 04:08 AM AKDT
Report Card on 2024 research priorities process -Uploaded: 04/22/2024 01:40 PM AKDT
LINK to public comments previously submitted to the SSC on this agenda item in April 2024 -Uploaded: 04/22/2024 01:23 PM AKDT
LINK to public comments submitted to the Council on this agenda item in April 2024 -Uploaded: 04/22/2024 01:40 PM AKDT
Previous SSC Minutes on Research Priorities -Uploaded: 04/22/2024 01:42 PM AKDT
PPT SSC Research priorities -Uploaded: 05/17/2024 08:24 AM AKDT
SSC Report on Research Priorities -Uploaded: 05/24/2024 05:35 PM AKDT