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Call for Nominations for Advisory Panel and SSC Membership 2025

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Open for written comment until 10/31/2024 05:00 PM AKDT
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Meeting Time: 06/15/2024 08:00 AM AKDT

The Council is accepting nominations for its Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) and Advisory Panel (AP). Nominations, letters of interest, and a resume should be submitted to the Executive Director through this comment portal by October 31 at 5 pm Alaska time. Please note that submissions will be viewable on this webpage.

The SSC members serve one-year terms and may be reappointed with no term limits. Posted online is a list with the expertise and affiliation of current SSC members (including current resumes), and a description of SSC member duties is provided in the SSC handbook. All current members of the SSC are requesting reappointment, with the exception of Dr. Amy Bishop and Dr. Michael Jepson. The Council is seeking candidates with the following expertise: (1) a social scientist with a background in anthropology, sociology, human geography, or a related field; and (2) a scientist with broad expertise in quantitative ecosystem science and/or ecology with a specific expertise in marine mammals. While not a requirement, the Council values candidates who have experience working with Alaska coastal communities and/or with scientific expertise with LKTK.

A description of AP membership criteria and duties is included in the AP Handbook. Members can be appointed for a 1, 2, or 3-year term by the Council, with a maximum of three consecutive three-year terms. A posted spreadsheet provides the representation of current AP members by fishery, sector, and interest group.

Members who have served a 1-year orientation year.  The year is eligible to be extended into a full 3-year term:

Tiffany Andrew - requesting reappointment
Nels Evens - requesting reappointment

Members whose 3-year term is expiring: 
Tamara Briggie - requesting reappointment
Gretar Gudmundsson - requesting reappointment
Tim Heuker
Lauren Howard - requesting reappointment
Brian Ritchie - requesting reappointment
Paul Wilkins - requesting reappointment
Susie Zagorski - requesting reappointment

Please attach your letter of interest, resume, and any letters of support by clicking the "comment now" button. 

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