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SSC - 02/04/19 - Workshop

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Meeting Time: 02/05/2019 01:00 PM AKST

SSC Workshop Agenda:
Review of ROMS and NPZ models

Feb. 4, 2019 – 1pm-5pm, Cambridge/Oxford room
Benson Hotel, 309 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon

Workshop Introduction
1:00 Workshop Introduction - Anne Hollowed
A. Bering Sea
1:10 Introduction - Ivonne Ortiz, University of Washington: Framework, status, and simulations of the Bering 10K ROMS and ROMS-BESTNPZ models
1:25 Oceanography - Al Hermann, University of Washington: Ocean and ice dynamics of the Bering 10K model: structure, performance, and uncertainties
1:55 Biology - Kelly Kearney, University of Washington: Biophysical and biogeochemical validation of the Bering 10K-BESTNPZ model
2:25 Applications - Ivonne Ortiz, University of Washington: Examples of Current and planned applications of the Bering 10K ROMS-BESTNPZ model and output
B. Gulf of Alaska
2:40 GOA IBMs - Georgina Gibson, International Arctic Research Center: An IBM for sablefish: Exploring the connectivity between potential spawning and nursery grounds in the Gulf of Alaska
C. Background Materials
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Hermann_etal_2013_multivariate_analysis_ROMS_NPZ -Uploaded: 01/29/2019 08:20 AM AKST
Hermann_etal_2016_Projected_biophysical_states_BS -Uploaded: 01/29/2019 08:21 AM AKST
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