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Introduction to the Council Process - 10/01/19

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Meeting Time: 10/01/2019 05:30 PM AKDT

Introduction to the Council Process
October 1, 5:30 PM - 7 PM
Best Western Hotel, 575 Sterling Hwy, Homer, AK

This is an informal, interactive opportunity for people who are brand new or less familiar with the Council process.   If this sounds like you, or someone you know, come and learn about how the Council works and how to participate. Staff will have a short powerpoint and some flyers to share, and local residents who are highly engaged with the Council will come and share their experience. We are available to answer your questions.  Our main goal is to make it easy for you to share your input with the Council during the meetings here in Homer.

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Who is the Council and What do we do
Who we are
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Meet the AP -Uploaded: 10/01/2019 05:13 PM AKDT
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What we do
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Navigating the Homer Council meeting
Agenda and schedule
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Attending in person - what to look for
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Getting involved in Issues
Drafting public testimony
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Interacting with Council members/AP/SSC
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Wrap up
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