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North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Call for Nominations for SSC and AP 2022

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Meeting Time: 10/18/2021 08:00 AM AKDT

The Council is accepting nominations for its Scientific and Statistical Committee, and its Advisory Panel. For more information, see the call for nominations newsletter article from October 2021. Nominations, letters of interest, and a resume should be submitted to the Executive Director through this comment portal by November 30th at 5pm Alaska time. Please note, submissions will be viewable on this webpage.

The SSC members serve one-year terms, and may be reappointed with no term limits. Dr. Anne Hollowed and Dr. Matt Reimer have chosen not to seek reappointment for 2022. The expertise and affiliation of current SSC members may be found here.

On the Advisory Panel, there are seven seats with expiring 3-year terms, one seat with two years remaining on its term, one member stepping down with one year left on their appointment, and one expiring special one-year appointment. The seats that are expiring are currently held by the following AP members, who may seek reappointment if eligible. The fishery, sector, and interest group representation of current AP members may be found here.

Angel Drobnica   Seeking reappointment
Gretar Gudmundsson   Seeking reappointment
Craig Lowenberg   Not eligible for reappointment
Joel Peterson   Not eligible for reappointment
Brian Ritchie   Seeking reappointment
Erik Velsko   Not seeking reappointment
Marissa Wilson  Not seeking reappointment
John Scoblic    Stepping down with one year remaining on seat's 3-year term (expires 2022).

Susie Zagorski   Currently an interim appointee; two years remaining on seat's 3-year term (expires 2023). Seeking reappointment

John Gruver   Special one-year term expiring, not seeking reappointment.

Please attach your letter of interest and any letters of support by clicking the "comment now" button. 

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Attachments: NMFS nomination of agency representative to SSC -Uploaded: 12/06/2021 12:07 PM AKST
Foy-PartialCV_NPFMC_Dec2021 -Uploaded: 12/06/2021 12:07 PM AKST
A2 23 Comments Nominations for the Advisory Panel