North Pacific Fishery Management Council

North Pacific Fishery Management Council

NPFMC Council/AP April 2022 - 259th

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Closed for written comment at 04/01/2022 12:00 PM AKDT

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Meeting Time: 04/04/2022 07:00 AM AKDT

Council, Apr. 6-11, 2022; Hilton Hotel, Aleutian Room, Anchorage, Alaska; 8am-5pm

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Meeting ID: 814 5113 0091     
Or join by phone: Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): US: +1 346 248 7799 or +1 408 638 0968 or +1 669 900 6833 or +1 253 215 8782


Advisory Panel, Apr. 5-8, 2022, Anchorage Hilton Hotel, Denali Room, 8am-5pm

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Meeting ID: 886 7161 2019
Or join by phone: Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): US: +1 346 248 7799 or +1 408 638 0968 or +1 669 900 6833 or +1 253 215 8782 


Public comment:

Please submit written comment for the Council and Advisory Panel by clicking on the 'Comment Now' links next to the relevant agenda item, below. The comment period will open on March 18, 2022 and the deadline for written comments is 12:00 pm (Alaska time) on Friday, April 1, 2022. Submitted comments will be reviewed then visible online after the deadline closes, as per the Council's comment policy. The AP and Council will also take in-person and remote oral testimony during the meetings. During the meeting, you will be able to click on the applicable 'Sign-up' link next to each agenda item below, and indicate whether or not you'll be testifying remotely or in person. 


The AP and the Council meeting will be broadcast on zoom. If you intend to give oral testimony remotely, you must be connected to the meeting, either through zoom on your device or using a call-in phone number above. All information provided through the eAgenda or during testimony is part of the public record. We are recording the meeting and will post the recordings shortly after the meeting is over. 

If you'd like to receive text alerts on Council timing, text the word "NPFMC" to the number 81411.


Related meeting: Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC), April 4-5, 2022; AGENDA


A1 Approval of Agenda
Attachments: Schedule (LINK) -Uploaded: 03/03/2022 12:46 PM AKST
Review Doc Schedule (LINK) -Uploaded: 03/03/2022 12:53 PM AKST
Council Member Guidelines for Discussion -Uploaded: 03/28/2022 11:50 AM AKDT
Short Summary of Agenda Items -Uploaded: 03/30/2022 04:22 PM AKDT
NPFMC COVID Policy April 2022 -Uploaded: 04/01/2022 10:45 AM AKDT
April Council Summary -Uploaded: 05/02/2022 01:32 PM AKDT
April Time Log -Uploaded: 04/14/2022 08:27 AM AKDT
YouTube Link -Uploaded: 04/19/2022 10:31 AM AKDT
April Newsletter (LINK) -Uploaded: 04/26/2022 02:06 PM AKDT
B1 Executive Director's Report (including Exec Committee report on Council process ideas for change)
Attachments: B1 ED report -Uploaded: 04/01/2022 02:36 PM AKDT
B1 Fulbright Press Release -Uploaded: 03/31/2022 03:08 PM AKDT
B1 TCC Summit Tibal Priorities -Uploaded: 03/31/2022 03:08 PM AKDT
B1 Executive Committee Report on Ideas for Process Change -Uploaded: 03/30/2022 08:06 AM AKDT
B1 IFQ Report to the Fleet for 2021 -Uploaded: 03/31/2022 10:57 AM AKDT
B1 US Navy Notice - GOA EIS -Uploaded: 03/22/2022 01:38 PM AKDT
B1 PNCIAC Report -Uploaded: 04/01/2022 09:08 AM AKDT
B1 PPT Exec Committee Report -Uploaded: 04/05/2022 01:43 PM AKDT
B2 NMFS Management Report (including annual EFH consultations report, interagency seabird working group report)
Attachments: B2 NMFS Report -Uploaded: 04/01/2022 10:59 AM AKDT
B2 NMFS EFH Report -Uploaded: 04/04/2022 04:21 PM AKDT
B2 Interagency Seabird Workgroup Report -Uploaded: 03/31/2022 11:03 AM AKDT
B2 FR Notice on North Pacific Right Whales -Uploaded: 03/29/2022 11:30 AM AKDT
B2 IFQ transfer ER Council Feb 2022 request -Uploaded: 03/31/2022 10:55 AM AKDT
B2 IFQ transfer ER NMFS response -Uploaded: 03/31/2022 10:55 AM AKDT
PPT B2 EFH Report -Uploaded: 04/05/2022 07:43 PM AKDT
B3 NOAA General Counsel Report
Attachments: B3 Designated Officials Memorandum -Uploaded: 03/24/2022 08:30 AM AKDT
B3 Recusal Determinations April 2022 -Uploaded: 03/24/2022 08:31 AM AKDT
B4 ADF&G Report (written only)
Attachments: B4 ADFG Report -Uploaded: 03/31/2022 03:49 PM AKDT
B5 USCG Report
Attachments: B5 USCG Report -Uploaded: 03/29/2022 08:02 AM AKDT
PPT B5 USCG Enforcement Report -Uploaded: 04/04/2022 03:32 PM AKDT
B6 USFWS Report
Attachments: B6 USFWS Report -Uploaded: 04/05/2022 08:32 AM AKDT
B7 NIOSH Report (written only)
Attachments: B7 NIOSH Report -Uploaded: 03/17/2022 02:24 PM AKDT
B8 Cooperative Reports (AFA, A80, CGOA rockfish, BSAI crab)
Attachments: B8 Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/28/2022 04:32 PM AKDT
B8 Cooperative Reports (LINK) -Uploaded: 03/15/2022 02:35 PM AKDT
B8 Coop Report Infographic -Uploaded: 04/05/2022 11:11 AM AKDT
B8 PCCRC Funded Salmon Research -Uploaded: 04/06/2022 08:05 AM AKDT
B9 5 Comments Public Comment on B1 through B8 agenda items
B10 SSC Report
Attachments: PPT C3 SSC Report -Uploaded: 04/07/2022 10:58 AM AKDT
C3 SSC Report Scallop SAFE -Uploaded: 04/07/2022 10:58 AM AKDT
PPT C4 SSC Report -Uploaded: 04/07/2022 11:34 AM AKDT
Balance of SSC Report April DRAFT -Uploaded: 04/08/2022 06:45 AM AKDT
PPT Balance of SSC Report -Uploaded: 04/08/2022 06:47 AM AKDT
SSC Report April 2022_FINAL -Uploaded: 05/05/2022 02:51 PM AKDT
B11 AP Report
Attachments: AP Admin Issues -Uploaded: 04/05/2022 08:19 AM AKDT
AP Minutes April 2022 -Uploaded: 04/20/2022 12:04 PM AKDT
C1 10 Comments C1 IFQ omnibus amendments – Final Action
Attachments: C1 Action Memo -Uploaded: 04/01/2022 10:08 AM AKDT
C1 IFQ Omnibus Analysis -Uploaded: 03/22/2022 01:20 PM AKDT
C1 Addendum to IFQ Omnibus Analysis Table 4-7 -Uploaded: 04/06/2022 09:38 AM AKDT
C1 Enforcement Committee Minutes -Uploaded: 04/04/2022 02:20 PM AKDT
C1 AP Motion -Uploaded: 04/06/2022 10:41 AM AKDT
PPT C1 IFQ Omnibus -Uploaded: 04/06/2022 11:43 AM AKDT
C1 Motion -Uploaded: 04/07/2022 08:11 AM AKDT
C2 9 Comments C2 RQE fee collection program – Final Action
Attachments: C2 Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/24/2022 11:32 AM AKDT
C2 RQE Funding Analysis -Uploaded: 03/28/2022 05:00 PM AKDT
PPT AP C2 RQE Funding -Uploaded: 04/05/2022 09:24 AM AKDT
PPT Council C2 RQE Funding -Uploaded: 04/06/2022 03:35 PM AKDT
C2 AP Motion -Uploaded: 04/07/2022 07:58 AM AKDT
C2 Council Motion -Uploaded: 04/07/2022 11:44 AM AKDT
C3 0 Comments C3 Scallops – SAFE report, ABC/OFL, Plan Team report
Attachments: C3 Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/30/2022 04:03 PM AKDT
C3 Scallop Plan Team Report -Uploaded: 03/11/2022 04:11 PM AKST
C3 Scallop SAFE Report 2022 -Uploaded: 03/16/2022 02:47 PM AKDT
PPT C3 Scallops -Uploaded: 04/01/2022 01:11 PM AKDT
C3 AP Motion -Uploaded: 04/07/2022 01:29 PM AKDT
C3 Council Motion -Uploaded: 04/07/2022 02:33 PM AKDT
C4 6 Comments C4 Central GOA rockfish adjustments – Initial Review
Attachments: C4 Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/18/2022 10:11 AM AKDT
C4 Rockfish Program Adjustments Analysis -Uploaded: 03/25/2022 10:30 AM AKDT
PPT C4 Rockfish Adjustments -Uploaded: 04/06/2022 09:01 AM AKDT
C4 AP Motion -Uploaded: 04/07/2022 01:35 PM AKDT
C4 Council motion -Uploaded: 04/07/2022 03:10 PM AKDT
D1 37 Comments D1 BBRKC Management, Biology and Gear Impact – Information/Discussion Paper
Attachments: D1 Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/25/2022 03:51 PM AKDT
D1 BBRKC Information Paper -Uploaded: 03/18/2022 10:11 AM AKDT
D1 BBRKC Info Paper Appendix 2 -Uploaded: 03/23/2022 03:01 PM AKDT
D1 Monthly PTR Swept Area 2016-2021 Animated -Uploaded: 03/23/2022 03:01 PM AKDT
D1 AP Motion -Uploaded: 04/08/2022 07:41 AM AKDT
PPT D1 BBRKC -Uploaded: 04/08/2022 08:21 AM AKDT
D1 Council Motion -Uploaded: 04/09/2022 09:54 AM AKDT
D2 2 Comments D2 Bering Sea Fishery Ecosystem Plan (BS FEP) – review progress: (a) FEP Team report, (b) Local Knowledge, Traditional Knowledge, Subsistence (LKTKS) Taskforce report, (c) Climate Change Taskforce (CCTF) Report, (d) Ecosystem Committee report
Attachments: D2 Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/28/2022 05:55 PM AKDT
D2a LINK BSFEP Meeting eAgenda -Uploaded: 03/07/2022 11:27 AM AKST
D2a BS FEP Team report March 2022 -Uploaded: 03/28/2022 05:57 PM AKDT
D2b LINK BS FEP LKTKS Taskforce eAgenda -Uploaded: 03/07/2022 11:29 AM AKST
D2b LKTKS Report January 2022 -Uploaded: 03/22/2022 04:30 PM AKDT
D2b LKTKS Draft Protocol -Uploaded: 04/04/2022 08:50 AM AKDT
D2c LINK BSFEP Climate Change Taskforce eAgenda -Uploaded: 03/07/2022 11:29 AM AKST
D2c CCTF Meeting Minutes -Uploaded: 03/28/2022 04:45 PM AKDT
D2d LINK Ecosystem Committee eAgenda -Uploaded: 03/07/2022 11:31 AM AKST
D2d Ecosystem Committee Report -Uploaded: 04/04/2022 04:59 PM AKDT
PPT AP D2a BS FEP report -Uploaded: 04/06/2022 11:01 AM AKDT
PPT AP D2b LKTKS Taskforce -Uploaded: 04/06/2022 11:07 AM AKDT
PPT AP D2c CCTF -Uploaded: 04/06/2022 10:57 AM AKDT
PPT Council D2a BS FEP Report -Uploaded: 04/06/2022 03:39 PM AKDT
PPT Council D2b LKTKS Taskforce -Uploaded: 04/08/2022 11:32 AM AKDT
PPT Council D2c CCTF -Uploaded: 04/08/2022 11:00 AM AKDT
PPT D2d Ecosystem Committee Report March 2022 -Uploaded: 04/06/2022 11:02 AM AKDT
D2 Council Motion -Uploaded: 04/09/2022 02:13 PM AKDT
D2 Motion - GOA FEP Scoping -Uploaded: 04/09/2022 02:24 PM AKDT
D2 Motion - OECM -Uploaded: 04/09/2022 02:31 PM AKDT
D3 0 Comments D3 ACLIM update – review (postponed; SSC only will receive an IPCC update)
D4 0 Comments D4 Best Scientific Information Available (BSIA) Stock Status Directive - review report (Council and SSC only)
Attachments: D4 Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/31/2022 09:12 AM AKDT
D4 LINK BSIA Directive -Uploaded: 03/25/2022 03:43 PM AKDT
D4 BSIA Directive Report -Uploaded: 04/06/2022 08:54 AM AKDT
PPT D4 BSIA Procedural Directive -Uploaded: 04/05/2022 02:29 PM AKDT
E1 3 Comments E Committees, New Business, and Tasking
Attachments: E Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/31/2022 04:59 PM AKDT
E 3 Meeting Outlook - PRE MEETING -Uploaded: 04/01/2022 10:37 AM AKDT
E NPFMC Committees -Uploaded: 03/31/2022 04:59 PM AKDT
E PCFMAC report -Uploaded: 04/01/2022 04:29 PM AKDT
E Council Staff Responsibilities -Uploaded: 03/31/2022 04:21 PM AKDT
E IFQ Program Task List Updated March 2022 -Uploaded: 03/28/2022 06:00 PM AKDT
E Groundfish Workplan -Uploaded: 03/31/2022 04:59 PM AKDT
E Draft June Council Schedule -Uploaded: 04/02/2022 12:41 PM AKDT
E 3 Meeting Outlook - DURING MEETING DRAFT -Uploaded: 04/09/2022 10:18 AM AKDT
E Motion - Reflections on Council Process -Uploaded: 04/09/2022 05:15 PM AKDT
E Motion - SSC Workshop -Uploaded: 04/09/2022 05:39 PM AKDT