North Pacific Fishery Management Council

North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Fishery Monitoring Advisory Committee - 5/13/24 - 5/14/24

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Closed for written comment at 05/10/2024 05:00 PM AKDT

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Meeting Time: 05/13/2024 08:30 AM AKDT

Fishery Monitoring Advisory Committee

May 13-14, 2024, (9am - 4pm Alaska time Monday, 8:30am Tuesday)

North Pacific Fishery Management Council, Conference Room1007 West Third Ave, Suite 400 (4th floor)Anchorage, Alaska 99501

North Pacific Fishery Management Council, Conference Room1007 West Third Ave, Suite 400 (4th floor)Anchorage, Alaska 99501

All information provided through the eAgenda is part of the public record. 


This meeting will be conducted through a hybrid approach- as an in-person meeting with an option to attend remotely. 

Anchorage in-person location: 1007 W 3rd Ave, Anchorage, Alaska 99501
Day 1: 4th floor - NPFMC Conference Room
Day 2: 1st floor - North Pacific Research Board (NPRB) Conference Room

There will also be an option to attend in-person in Seattle, WA, at Alaska Fisheries Science Center: 7600 Sand Point Way N.E., Building 4, Observer Training Room 1055. Please let staff know at least 2 days ahead of time if you plan to attend at AFSC, as you will need to be on a list to get through security.

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Meeting ID: 846 5980 4468
Passcode: NPFMC

Or join by phone: Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): US: +1 719 359 4580 or +1 253 205 0468 or +1 253 215 8782

Parking information: The EasyPark website includes instructions for the "paybyphone" app that attendees may download and links to locations and rates. Attached is also an Easypark Map you may refer to. Staff recommend the "A" lot on third and L, especially if attendees are staying at the Captain Cook Hotel.

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Introductions, review, and approve agenda
Attachments: May 2024 FMAC Agenda -Uploaded: 05/10/2024 11:35 AM AKDT
Updates since the last meeting of the FMAC
Observer Program 2023 Annual Report
Attachments: 2023 Observer Program Annual Report -Uploaded: 05/08/2024 04:35 PM AKDT
2023 Monitored Catch Table for FMAC -Uploaded: 05/10/2024 03:02 PM AKDT
PSMFC Fixed gear EM 2023 Report -Uploaded: 05/08/2024 04:35 PM AKDT
PRESENTATION Annual Report and NMFS Update FMAC May 2024 -Uploaded: 05/10/2024 02:55 PM AKDT
Updates from NMFS: Budget update, changes to data collections, confidentiality proposed rule, Supreme court cases, start-up issues with PCTC
Attachments: Observer Fee update for FMAC May 2024 -Uploaded: 05/10/2024 02:58 PM AKDT
Observer Analytical Tasklist May 2024 -Uploaded: 05/13/2024 08:20 PM AKDT
C1 FMAC Meeting 513-14 eAgenda (LINK) -Uploaded: 05/24/2024 11:52 AM AKDT
Other items /updates from committee members and future scheduling
Supporting Materials
Attachments: April 2024 NPFMC Confidentiality Change Letter -Uploaded: 04/30/2024 09:03 AM AKDT
Oct 2023 Council Motion ADP -Uploaded: 04/30/2024 09:03 AM AKDT
Sept 2023 PCFMAC Report -Uploaded: 04/30/2024 09:05 AM AKDT
Jun 2023 Council Motion annual report and ADP -Uploaded: 04/30/2024 09:03 AM AKDT
May 2023 FMAC report -Uploaded: 04/30/2024 09:06 AM AKDT
June 2023 Observer Availability Council motion -Uploaded: 05/14/2024 09:39 AM AKDT
NFWF EM 2023-2024 Projects Funded -Uploaded: 05/14/2024 09:46 AM AKDT