North Pacific Fishery Management Council

North Pacific Fishery Management Council

NPFMC June 2021 - 255th

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Closed for written comment at 05/26/2021 05:00 PM AKDT

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Meeting Time: 06/03/2021 07:00 AM AKDT

Public comment:

Please submit written comment for the Council and Advisory Panel by clicking on the 'Comment Now' links next to the relevant agenda item, below. The comment period will open on May 12th and the deadline for written comments is 5:00 pm (Alaska time) on Wednesday, May 26th, 2021. Comments will be reviewed then publicly posted after the deadline.  Please be respectful when providing written public comment.  Comments violating our policy may be flagged for removal and are not part of the public record. 

The Council and Advisory Panel will also take oral testimony during the meetings. During each meeting, you will be able to click on the applicable 'Sign-up' link next to each agenda item below.

If you'd like to receive text alerts on Council timing, text the word "NPFMC" to the number 81411. 

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A1 Approval of Agenda
Attachments: Schedule (link) -Uploaded: 06/01/2021 01:04 PM AKDT
Review Document Schedule (link) -Uploaded: 05/03/2021 05:52 PM AKDT
Short Summary of Agenda items -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 09:06 PM AKDT
PPT AP Admin Issues -Uploaded: 06/02/2021 10:50 PM AKDT
Audio files (link) -Uploaded: 06/21/2021 10:56 AM AKDT
June 2021 Council Summary -Uploaded: 07/02/2021 09:03 AM AKDT
Newsletter (LINK) -Uploaded: 07/19/2021 09:35 AM AKDT
YouTube Videos -Uploaded: 07/19/2021 09:38 AM AKDT
B1 Executive Director's Report
Attachments: B1 ED Report June 2021 -Uploaded: 06/02/2021 09:03 AM AKDT
B1 RADM Nathan Moore Bio -Uploaded: 06/07/2021 02:47 PM AKDT
B1 Olson GOA GPT Nomination -Uploaded: 05/25/2021 12:05 PM AKDT
B1 IFQ Amendment Summaries -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 02:46 PM AKDT
NPFMC letter on MBTA 060721 -Uploaded: 06/09/2021 09:27 AM AKDT
PPT B Report - June 2021 -Uploaded: 06/08/2021 01:27 PM AKDT
B2 NMFS Management Report, including 30x30 Initiative Update
Attachments: B2 NMFS Management Report -Uploaded: 06/04/2021 03:35 PM AKDT
B2 NPFMC NFS Conservation Plan Update -Uploaded: 05/20/2021 02:53 PM AKDT
B2 Update on the 30 x 30 initiative - Report -Uploaded: 05/24/2021 10:25 AM AKDT
B2 Regulatory Amendment-Remove Sablefish Pot Tags -Uploaded: 05/31/2021 08:35 PM AKDT
B2 Red King Crab EFP Report -Uploaded: 06/03/2021 10:39 AM AKDT
PPT B2 NMFS 30x30 Briefing -Uploaded: 06/08/2021 08:54 AM AKDT
B3 NOAA General Counsel Report
Attachments: B3 Designated Official Memorandum -Uploaded: 05/20/2021 02:35 PM AKDT
B3 Recusal Determinations -Uploaded: 05/20/2021 02:35 PM AKDT
B3 NOAA GC Report- Litigation Update -Uploaded: 06/04/2021 03:36 PM AKDT
B4 NOAA Enforcement Report
Attachments: B4 OLE Report -Uploaded: 06/01/2021 09:04 AM AKDT
B5 AFSC Report
Attachments: PPT B5 AFSC Update -Uploaded: 06/02/2021 10:58 PM AKDT
B6 ADF&G Report
Attachments: B6 ADFG Report -Uploaded: 06/02/2021 10:42 PM AKDT
B7 USCG Report
Attachments: B7 USCG D17 Report -Uploaded: 05/28/2021 09:00 AM AKDT
B7 USCG D17 Flag Letter to NPFMC -Uploaded: 05/18/2021 09:59 AM AKDT
B8 USFWS Report
Attachments: B8 USFWS Report -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 08:08 AM AKDT
B9 3 Comments Public Comment on B1 through B8 agenda items
B10 SSC Report
Attachments: PPT Draft SSC Report June 2021 except Risk Tables -Uploaded: 06/09/2021 08:38 AM AKDT
SSC DRAFT Report June 2021 to Council -Uploaded: 06/09/2021 09:43 AM AKDT
PPT D4 Draft SSC Report Risk Table -Uploaded: 06/14/2021 07:17 AM AKDT
SSC FINAL Report June 2021 -Uploaded: 09/08/2021 11:44 AM AKDT
B11 AP Report
Attachments: AP Minutes June 2021 -Uploaded: 09/21/2021 10:00 AM AKDT
PPT AP Motions C1 C2 C3 D1 D3 -Uploaded: 06/09/2021 07:20 AM AKDT
PPT AP Motion C4 -Uploaded: 06/11/2021 08:45 AM AKDT
PPT AP Motion D2 -Uploaded: 06/13/2021 03:30 PM AKDT
C1 10 Comments C1 Observer Report on 2020 Deployment during COVID – Review; PCFMAC and FMAC Reports
Attachments: C1 Action Memo -Uploaded: 05/19/2021 03:31 PM AKDT
C1 Observer Program 2020 Annual Report -Uploaded: 05/14/2021 01:35 PM AKDT
C1 PCFMAC Report -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 08:26 AM AKDT
C1 FMAC Report -Uploaded: 06/01/2021 08:47 AM AKDT
PCFMAC April eAgenda (link) -Uploaded: 05/19/2021 04:10 PM AKDT
FMAC May eAgenda (link) -Uploaded: 05/19/2021 04:11 PM AKDT
PPT C1 2020 Observer Program Annual Report -Uploaded: 06/02/2021 02:53 PM AKDT
PPT C1 OLE Chapter 5 -Uploaded: 06/02/2021 12:52 PM AKDT
PPT C1 Committee Reports -Uploaded: 06/02/2021 02:53 PM AKDT
C1 AP Motion -Uploaded: 06/08/2021 12:46 PM AKDT
C1 Council motion -Uploaded: 06/10/2021 11:03 AM AKDT
C2 3 Comments C2 Trawl EM analysis – Adopt alternatives, Trawl EM Committee report
Attachments: C2 Action Memo -Uploaded: 05/24/2021 04:57 PM AKDT
Trawl EM May eAgenda (link) -Uploaded: 05/19/2021 04:12 PM AKDT
C2 EM EFP Interim Report -Uploaded: 05/25/2021 08:45 AM AKDT
C2 EM EFP Interim Report Attachments A-G -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 08:30 AM AKDT
C2 Trawl EM Draft Alternatives -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 08:22 AM AKDT
C2 Trawl EM Meeting Minutes -Uploaded: 05/28/2021 08:19 AM AKDT
PPT C2 Trawl EM Committee Report-Draft Alts -Uploaded: 06/03/2021 08:50 AM AKDT
PPT C2 EFP Report -Uploaded: 06/03/2021 08:50 AM AKDT
C2 AP Motion -Uploaded: 06/08/2021 12:46 PM AKDT
C2 Trawl EM Council Motion -Uploaded: 06/10/2021 02:49 PM AKDT
C2 Motion for NFWF letter -Uploaded: 06/10/2021 03:24 PM AKDT
C3 1 Comment C3 BSAI Crab – SAFE report, ABC/OFL for AIGKC, PIBKC; Plan Team report
Attachments: C3 Action Memo BSAI Crab Specifications -Uploaded: 05/21/2021 03:02 PM AKDT
CPT May eAgenda (link) -Uploaded: 05/19/2021 04:12 PM AKDT
C3 BSAI Crab SAFE Intro PIBKC AIGKC and tables -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 08:33 AM AKDT
C3 AIGKC SAFE 2021 -Uploaded: 05/24/2021 09:27 AM AKDT
C3 PIBKC SAFE 2021 -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 12:04 PM AKDT
C3 Crab Plan Team Report 2021-05 -Uploaded: 05/26/2021 09:34 AM AKDT
PPT C3 BSAI Crab -Uploaded: 06/03/2021 02:16 PM AKDT
C3 AP Motion -Uploaded: 06/08/2021 12:46 PM AKDT
C3 Crab Specs Motion -Uploaded: 06/10/2021 04:06 PM AKDT
C4 31 Comments C4 BSAI Pacific cod Trawl CV LAPP – Initial Review
Attachments: C4 Action Memo -Uploaded: 05/21/2021 11:07 AM AKDT
Trawl CV Cod Cooperative Program Analysis -Uploaded: 05/01/2021 10:06 AM AKDT
PPT C4 BSAI Pacific Cod Trawl CV -Uploaded: 06/03/2021 09:52 AM AKDT
C4 AP Motion -Uploaded: 06/10/2021 07:52 PM AKDT
C4 Council Motion -Uploaded: 07/02/2021 08:45 AM AKDT
D1 4 Comments D1 BSAI Pacific cod small boat access – Discussion Paper
Attachments: D1 Action Memo -Uploaded: 05/19/2021 03:31 PM AKDT
D1 BSAI Cod Discussion Paper -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 09:19 AM AKDT
PPT AP D1 BSAI Pacific Cod -Uploaded: 06/04/2021 08:09 AM AKDT
D1 AP Motion -Uploaded: 06/08/2021 12:46 PM AKDT
PPT D1 BSAI Pacific Cod Small Boat Access -Uploaded: 06/14/2021 09:57 AM AKDT
D1 Council Motion -Uploaded: 06/15/2021 09:16 AM AKDT
D2 11 Comments D2 Sablefish trawl overages – Discussion Paper
Attachments: D2 Action Memo -Uploaded: 05/26/2021 09:36 AM AKDT
D2 Trawl Sablefish Overages Discussion Paper -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 08:59 AM AKDT
PPT D2 Sablefish Overages -Uploaded: 06/04/2021 03:18 PM AKDT
D2 AP Motion -Uploaded: 06/13/2021 03:22 PM AKDT
D2 Council Motion -Uploaded: 06/15/2021 01:22 PM AKDT
D3 0 Comments D3 BS FEP – FEP Team report, CCTF report
Attachments: D3 Action Memo BSFEP -Uploaded: 05/21/2021 03:03 PM AKDT
BS FEP May eAgenda (link) -Uploaded: 05/19/2021 04:13 PM AKDT
CCTF May eAgenda (link) -Uploaded: 05/19/2021 04:13 PM AKDT
D3 Ecosystem Committee Report -Uploaded: 06/03/2021 08:42 AM AKDT
D3 CCTF Draft detailed timelines and milestones -Uploaded: 05/25/2021 05:03 PM AKDT
D3 CCTF May Meeting Minutes -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 02:47 PM AKDT
D3 BS FEP Team report May 2021 -Uploaded: 06/01/2021 08:51 AM AKDT
PPT D3 CCTF May FEP Overview 2021 -Uploaded: 06/03/2021 08:12 AM AKDT
D3 AP Motion -Uploaded: 06/08/2021 12:47 PM AKDT
PPT D3 FEP Team Report -Uploaded: 06/15/2021 08:30 AM AKDT
PPT Council D3 CCTF -Uploaded: 06/15/2021 08:30 AM AKDT
D3 Council Motion -Uploaded: 06/15/2021 03:25 PM AKDT
D4 0 Comments D4 SSC Workshop Report on Risk Table Advice – Discuss (SSC/Council only)
Attachments: D4 Action Memo -Uploaded: 05/21/2021 01:59 PM AKDT
D4 Draft Report from SSC Risk Table Workshop -Uploaded: 05/25/2021 09:45 AM AKDT
D4 SSC Risk Table Minutes -Uploaded: 06/13/2021 07:40 PM AKDT
PPT D4 Draft SSC Report Risk Table -Uploaded: 06/14/2021 07:17 AM AKDT
D4 Council Motion -Uploaded: 06/15/2021 09:52 AM AKDT
D5 0 Comments D5 Finalize research priorities process (SSC Only)
Attachments: D5 Research Priorities and Process SSC Subgroup draft -Uploaded: 05/26/2021 09:40 AM AKDT
D5 Strategic Priorities Table -Uploaded: 05/26/2021 09:54 AM AKDT
E1 6 Comments E Committees, New Business, and Tasking
Attachments: E Action Memo -Uploaded: 06/02/2021 10:47 PM AKDT
E 3 Meeting Outlook - PRE MEETING -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 04:08 PM AKDT
E Draft Oct 2021 agenda -Uploaded: 06/02/2021 10:47 PM AKDT
E October Meeting Planning -Uploaded: 06/02/2021 10:47 PM AKDT
E Council staff one page -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 04:18 PM AKDT
E NPFMC Committees -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 04:19 PM AKDT
E Ecosystem Committee Report 4-20-21 -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 04:19 PM AKDT
E IFQ Program Task List -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 04:19 PM AKDT
E Observer Analytical Tasklist May 2021 -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 04:19 PM AKDT
E Groundfish Workplan 2021-06 -Uploaded: 05/27/2021 04:19 PM AKDT
E Supplement EAG background on existing regs -Uploaded: 06/07/2021 10:07 AM AKDT
E 3 Meeting Outlook - DURING MEETING -Uploaded: 06/15/2021 01:24 PM AKDT
PPT E Staff tasking -Uploaded: 06/15/2021 01:25 PM AKDT
E1 NFWF EM Proposals June 2021 -Uploaded: 06/16/2021 08:37 AM AKDT
E Council Motion - AI golden king crab -Uploaded: 06/16/2021 11:19 AM AKDT
E Council Motion - Outreach -Uploaded: 06/16/2021 11:28 AM AKDT
E Council Motion on EC work plan -Uploaded: 06/16/2021 12:15 PM AKDT
3 Meeting Outlook POST MEETING -Uploaded: 07/19/2021 09:36 AM AKDT