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Closed for written comment at 04/03/2023 05:00 PM AKDT
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Meeting Time: 04/04/2023 08:00 AM AKDT

Scientific and Statistical Committee, April 4-5, 2023, Aleutian Room, Hilton Hotel, Anchorage, Alaska; 8am-5pm


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Meeting ID: 814 5113 0091     
Or join by phone: Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): US: +1 346 248 7799 or +1 408 638 0968 or +1 669 900 6833 or +1 253 215 8782


Public comment:

Please submit written comment for the SSC by clicking on the 'Comment Now' links next to the relevant agenda item, below. The comment period will open on March 17, 2023, and the deadline for written comments has been extended until Monday, April 3 at 5pm. Submitted comments will be reviewed then visible online after the deadline closes, as per the Council's comment policy The SSC will also take oral testimony in-person and remote during the meetings. During the meeting, you will be able to click on the applicable 'Sign-up' link next to each agenda item below, and you will also be asked to indicate if you will be testifying in person, or remotely


The SSC meeting will be broadcast on zoom. If you intend to give oral testimony remotely, you must be connected to the meeting, either through zoom on your device or through the call-in phone number. All information provided through the eAgenda or during testimony is part of the public record. We are recording the meeting and will post the recordings shortly after the meeting is over. 


If you'd like to receive text alerts on Council timing, text the word "NPFMC" to the number 1-833-237-1598.


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SSC Admin Issues
Attachments: Schedule (link) -Uploaded: 02/27/2023 02:35 PM AKST
COVID Policy_Apr -Uploaded: 04/03/2023 09:39 AM AKDT
B1 Tyler Jackson Crab Plan Team nomination -Uploaded: 03/15/2023 02:02 PM AKDT
C1 Cook Inlet Salmon FMP Amendment
1 Comment Review components of analysis
Attachments: C1 Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/13/2023 11:29 AM AKDT
C1 Cook Inlet EA RIR Analysis -Uploaded: 03/13/2023 11:30 AM AKDT
PPT C1 Cook Inlet Salmon SSC -Uploaded: 04/04/2023 07:47 AM AKDT
C3 Scallops
0 Comments Review SAFE report and Plan Team report, recommend ABC/OFL
Attachments: C3 Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/20/2023 01:40 PM AKDT
C3 Scallop SAFE 2023 -Uploaded: 03/16/2023 12:35 PM AKDT
C3 Scallop Plan Team Report -Uploaded: 03/29/2023 03:02 PM AKDT
Scallop PT eAgenda March Meeting (link) -Uploaded: 03/30/2023 09:05 AM AKDT
PPT C3 Scallops -Uploaded: 04/03/2023 10:20 AM AKDT
D1 Report on SSC rapid environmental change workshop
0 Comments Approve workshop report, discuss other recommendations
Attachments: D1 Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/31/2023 03:04 PM AKDT
D1 SSC workshop report DRAFT -Uploaded: 03/31/2023 03:01 PM AKDT
D1 Final SSC Workshop Report -Uploaded: 08/08/2023 07:06 PM AKDT
D2 BS FEP Local Knowledge, LKTKS Taskforce
0 Comments Review Draft LKTKS Protocol, Taskforce Report
Attachments: D2 Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/27/2023 03:27 PM AKDT
D2 LKTKS Onramp Recommendations -Uploaded: 03/20/2023 12:15 PM AKDT
D2 LKTKS Protocol -Uploaded: 03/20/2023 12:16 PM AKDT
D2 LKTKS Report December 2022 -Uploaded: 03/22/2023 12:20 PM AKDT
D2 LKTKS Report January 2023 -Uploaded: 03/22/2023 12:20 PM AKDT
D2 LKTKS Report March 2023 -Uploaded: 03/22/2023 12:20 PM AKDT
LKTKS eAgenda March Meeting (link) -Uploaded: 03/30/2023 09:06 AM AKDT
PPT D2 LKTKS SSC Presentation -Uploaded: 04/04/2023 10:33 AM AKDT
D3 BS FEP Climate Change Taskforce
0 Comments Review CCTF workplan
Attachments: D3 Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/31/2023 02:32 PM AKDT
CCTF eAgenda March Meeting (link) -Uploaded: 03/30/2023 09:06 AM AKDT
D3 CCTF Report March 2023 -Uploaded: 03/31/2023 05:20 PM AKDT
D4 Groundfish and Crab Economic SAFE reports
0 Comments Review Economic SAFE reports
Attachments: D4 Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/27/2023 03:27 PM AKDT
D4 Groundfish Economic SAFE 2022 -Uploaded: 03/27/2023 03:28 PM AKDT
D4 Crab Economic SAFE 2022 -Uploaded: 03/31/2023 12:54 PM AKDT
D4 Crab Economic SAFE 2022 Errata -Uploaded: 04/03/2023 09:04 AM AKDT
PPT D4 Economic SAFE -Uploaded: 04/04/2023 01:24 PM AKDT
D5 Annual Community Engagement and Participation Overview (ACEPO) report, NSRKC research update
0 Comments Review ACEPO report
Attachments: D5 Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/27/2023 03:28 PM AKDT
D5 ACEPO Report -Uploaded: 03/20/2023 01:43 PM AKDT
PPT D5 ACEPO -Uploaded: 04/03/2023 11:37 AM AKDT
PPT D5 Norton Sound Red King Crab -Uploaded: 04/05/2023 01:55 PM AKDT
D6 Groundfish Plan Team Dec 2022 workgroup recommendations
0 Comments Discuss workgroup recommendations
Attachments: D6 Action Memo -Uploaded: 03/31/2023 02:32 PM AKDT
December 2022 Plan Team Report (LINK) -Uploaded: 03/20/2023 02:29 PM AKDT